A person who is undergoing a manic phase may experience an abnormally elevated, euphoric, driven and/or irritable state of mood, ranging from a moderate to a high level of uplifted mood.

When in an elevated mood state, one may experience a rapid flow of ideas and thoughts, a decreased need for sleep and may feel way too energetic. It can be very difficult for them to tire themselves or slow oneself down in the moment. This is often because the rapid flow of thoughts and ideas tends to keep people awake, exploring new schemes and plans. One may experience an increase in the speed at which they think, moving quickly from one subject to another.

One may find oneself often believing they are famous, or that they have been put on this planet for a special purpose.

When undergoing a high, a person’s ability to make rational decisions can become impaired and they may make inappropriate decisions or decisions that are out of character, often regretting them later or finding oneself overwhelmed with guilt.

Additionally, one may often experience an increased sex drive, and may exhibit a tendency to make less well-judged or spontaneous decisions about their sexual partners.

Gaurangi Gupta

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