"It's about time we take serious mental health issues, seriously. "

Emoneeds means Emotional needs

The goal is simple. Prevent relapse for patients who struggle with chronic mental health problems.

Also, handhold the less serious ones, to prevent becoming serious. Emoneeds translates empathy into digital products, to achieve this goal.
Our Treatments

We cater to the following conditions

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Clients report improvement in their concern within 12 weeks
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Clients have their first counseling session within a week
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Relapse patients did not need hospitalization.
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Our Process

Once on-board, all you need to do:


Fill out Basic information and Enroll in a plan

Answer a few quick questions to help us understand your symptoms.


Meet your Support Team in your journey

Depending on which plan you choose, you'll meet virtually with a psychiatrist, psychologist, Feedback Counsellor & RM.


Create your custom treatment plan

Together, we’ll decide which treatment is right for you.


Get your medication


Regular check-ins through Feedback Counsellor

We’ll monitor your progress and make sure everything is on track.


Progress session with Care giver along with Report


Keep the momentum going

We'll continue to work with you on transformational behavioral strategies to help you feel like your best self again.

Why Choose Emoneeds As A Best Online Platform For Your Mental Health?

“Affordable Care – Quality Mental Health Resources Within Reach”

Experienced and qualified professionals

Emoneeds hosts a team of qualified and experienced psychiatric professionals and therapists specializing in the treatment of various complications, including depression, anxiety, OCD, schizophrenia, addiction, etc. Our experts are dedicated to providing compassionate and effective mental health support tailored to your unique needs.

Flexible and personalized treatment plans

Emoneeds offers diverse psychiatric and therapy services, ensuring you can find the support you need. However, we prioritize providing each patient with the treatment they need based on their concerns and the complications altering their quality of life.

Safe and confidential environment

Emoneeds prioritizes your privacy and confidentiality. At Emoneeds every piece of information is kept concealed and protected, enabling you to open up, share your thoughts, and be vulnerable in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Affordable mental health care

Emoneeds believes in making mental health care accessible to all. We offer competitive pricing and comprehensive treatment packages that cover all your basic psychiatric and therapy services to overcome the mental health struggles that are burdening your life and preventing you from being the best version of yourself.

Dedicated support team

Depending on the treatment plan that you choose, Emoneeds connects you with a dedicated team of psychiatrists, psychologists, feedback counselors, and RM, all of whom work in cohesion to help you with your recovery and keep you accountable by monitoring progress and ensuring that everything is on track for the patient.

High success rates for improved quality of life

At Emoneeds, we have successfully done 48,000+ client sessions, enabling individuals battle through their mental health struggles. With our treatment, 75% patients reported improvement within 12 weeks. 70% of our patients got easy and prompt access to their first counseling session within the first week of their treatment. Furthermore, 97% of our relapse patients were successful in navigating through their triggers without needing hospitalization.

Google Review

Palak JainPalak Jain
08:56 16 Jul 24
Very helpful. They have been incredibly supportive and understanding. Their expertise and genuine care have significantly improved my mental health. Highly recommend their services for anyone seeking compassionate and professional psychiatric care.
Priyamvada TiwariPriyamvada Tiwari
04:55 16 Jul 24
“My teenage daughter was suffering from severe depression and anxiety. Emoneeds offered her a safe space to heal and grow. The therapists’ empathy and professionalism made all the difference. She’s now happier and more confident than ever. We’re forever grateful.”
Tushar BalaniTushar Balani
19:02 15 Jul 24
Muskan KhandelwalMuskan Khandelwal
16:23 15 Jul 24
Emoneeds has been a lifesaver for me. I struggled with anxiety for years, and after just a few months of therapy here, I feel like a completely different person. The therapists are compassionate, knowledgeable, and genuinely invested in your progress. Highly recommend!”
Pragya NagarPragya Nagar
14:19 15 Jul 24
Vikram SinghVikram Singh
07:08 15 Jul 24
Marina JainMarina Jain
14:44 14 Jul 24
I can’t thank Emoneeds enough for the positive impact they’ve had on my life. The therapy sessions were eye-opening, and the techniques I learned have been so helpful in managing my depression. The therapists are kind, professional, and genuinely care about their clients. Thank you for guiding me towards a happier, healthier life!
Ridhii JaainRidhii Jaain
13:13 14 Jul 24
I’m incredibly grateful to Emoneeds for helping me through a tough time. The therapist was compassionate and understanding, making me feel comfortable from the start. The sessions were insightful and practical, giving me tools to handle my anxiety and stress. I feel much more in control and hopeful now. Thank you, Emoneeds!
Chaitany VyaasChaitany Vyaas
09:25 14 Jul 24
I want to thank my therapist and everyone at Emoneeds for helping me with my relationship issues. The therapy sessions gave me valuable insights and tools to improve communication and understanding with my partner. The support and guidance were incredible, and I felt genuinely cared for throughout the process. Our relationship is now much stronger and healthier. Thank you for making such a positive difference in our lives!
Aastha AgarwalAastha Agarwal
05:17 14 Jul 24
I was struggling with stress at work. But my therapist at emoneeds offered practical advices that really helped me manage it. Now i am more efficient and productive in delivering my work deadlines.
Mala JainMala Jain
15:11 13 Jul 24
It is one of the best platform for all your mental health issues. I am glad I came across it and felt satisfied with the services too.
Mansi JainMansi Jain
15:07 13 Jul 24
I want to give a big thank you to my therapist and everyone at Emoneeds. Their care and support have made a huge difference in my life. The one-on-one therapy sessions were really helpful, and the group and family sessions gave me extra support when I needed it. The team at Emoneeds always knew what I needed and made sure I had a plan to handle tough times. I feel so much better and more in control of my emotions now. Thank you for everything!
Priyam MehraPriyam Mehra
14:19 13 Jul 24
The therapy sessions were great, and I learned so much about myself. My therapist was supportive and made me feel safe to share my thoughts. I’m feeling much better now!
Amogh KonkarAmogh Konkar
11:39 12 Jul 24
I deeply appreciate the prompt and compassionate help I received from Emoneeds. Their support made me feel so comfortable that I was able to openly discuss all my concerns.
Anisha SoniaAnisha Sonia
11:26 12 Jul 24
I am incredibly grateful for the timely assistance I received from Emoneeds. The team’s support was so comforting and effective that I felt completely at ease sharing all my issues with them.
Khushboo AggarwalKhushboo Aggarwal
11:06 12 Jul 24
The assistance provided was exceptional. It not only helped me cope emotionally but also made me realize my self-worth. I would highly recommend seeking their support, as they treat you like a friend rather than just a patient.
Dhirendra RajputDhirendra Rajput
11:03 12 Jul 24
Emoneeds has significantly enhanced my social skills and overall well-being. It provides comprehensive support, helping me feel lighter and improving my mental health. Thank you, Emoneeds.
16:06 11 Jul 24
Jayant KachhawaJayant Kachhawa
12:33 11 Jul 24
Amul SepatAmul Sepat
11:26 11 Jul 24
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional care and support I received from Emoneeds during my treatment. The expertise and empathy of Emoneeds’ doctors and therapists have profoundly improved my well-being.
Sasha BraunSasha Braun
11:22 11 Jul 24
Emoneeds is such a life saver for meThe therapists,the environment the user friendly interface everything is so goodI recommend it to everyone
atul dangarhatul dangarh
10:06 11 Jul 24
I had my session with dr .neerja it turned out to be very beneficial for me , I’m amazed by the results. If you are looking for some consultation trust me emoneeds is gonna be a life saver.
Beer SinghBeer Singh
12:51 10 Jul 24
It was a nice experience to meet with Dr.Vinay Saini. He is a very good Psychiatrist. I am feeling better now. With my best regards to him.
Pooja MehtaPooja Mehta
12:47 10 Jul 24
First of all, i would like to say thanks to the team Emoneeds, my experience with Dr Kanishka was excellent. She listened to me and healed me very quickly with her motivated words and interaction. I wish all the best to the entire team. Keep helping the persons like me.
Ojasvi PrabhakarOjasvi Prabhakar
12:08 10 Jul 24
I had a great experience,. The cleanliness, the aura and the vibes at this place is extraordinary, staff is also very helping. The atmosphere is set in a way that once you enter the place, the mind starts to relax because of the fragrance in the seating area and the environment all together.
Devashish SinghDevashish Singh
10:34 10 Jul 24
I had a session with dr.neerja AggarwalI visited with my brother to emoneeds with my brother for relationship counselingI liked the environment,the sessions. doctor was so polite ,she heard everything so patiently and gave me very useful advicesHighly recommend
Tanushka DixitTanushka Dixit
10:24 10 Jul 24
I first had session with dr.kanishka and then I had one with psychologist AmitI have anxiety issues and other issues he heard every thing so patiently and it was so goodI overall liked the sessions.
ramesh sharmaramesh sharma
15:37 09 Jul 24
Emoneeds as per my own view this is one of the best place to understand and over come your mind related challenges, i really appreciate and thanks to phychologist Dr juli ji for his best guidance and her humble behavior and also I am thankful to Dr shweta yadav ji ,she also guide me with juli ji whenever I required, i highly recommend this place for your speedy recovery and better future, thanks to Emoneeds.
Vipin SodhiVipin Sodhi
12:34 09 Jul 24
ramesh sharmaramesh sharma
07:31 09 Jul 24
Abhishek JainAbhishek Jain
04:49 26 Jun 24
I have been seeking help from emoneeds for my anxiety issues for quite few months now. And i am amazed by the results & help i have received by my therapist and counsellor. I really admire their style and approach towards healing my issues and solving them at the root level. I am glad i chose emoneeds for my recovery.
Lubna RoyLubna Roy
11:12 25 Jun 24
I had the utmost pleasure of connecting with emoneeds. After a long search I came across emoneeds. They helped me with turning my life completely around. I can’t even imagine the person I was before getting help from emoneeds. All thanks to the therapy sessions, feedback calls, exercises and motivation provided by emoneeds.
sanjana jainsanjana jain
17:43 24 Jun 24
Emoneeds really helped me set up a supportive system for my mental health. They were really caring and professional.
chetanya jainchetanya jain
17:43 24 Jun 24
Emoneeds has exceeded my expectations with their prompt and caring service. The convenience of scheduling appointments online has made a big difference for me.
Meenu JainMeenu Jain
08:44 21 Jun 24
I have been facing problems as a patient of bipolar disorder for mere than 15 years. Treatment with medicines is going on as diagnosed. But as I am getting aged my problems becoming more complex & frequent. It’s about more than 18 months, I have been in constant consultation & guidance with Dr Amit Vashistha & Dr Prachi Jain. In past 18 months I travelled a long distance with their help & support to control my problems. It changed the way I deal with my thoughts, worries, fears & emotions. I started with them four video sessions per month but now this has reduced to two sessions. Now in tough with them & lesser no of medicines, I am managing to solve my day to day issues on my own. I have been feeling strong with in but they are there always to listen me. I am really thankful for their support.
Rachit GoelRachit Goel
08:02 21 Jun 24
Emoneeds has been a lifesaver for me. As someone with a busy schedule, the online therapy options are incredibly convenient. The flexibility to have sessions from home has made it easier to commit to regular therapy. The therapists are top-notch, providing practical advice and coping strategies that have made a real difference. I highly recommend Emoneeds to anyone in need of mental health support.
15:37 20 Jun 24
If you’re looking for a trustworthy and effective mental health solution, Emoneeds is definitely worth considering. It offers a holistic approach to mental wellness, ensuring users receive the care and support they need. I personally had an amazing experience here with my therapists and doctor.
A B 7A B 7
11:07 19 Jun 24
parul janghuparul janghu
16:08 18 Jun 24
Empathetic staff and effective treatment make this facility a standout in mental health services.
Somesh AwasthiSomesh Awasthi
15:10 17 Jun 24
Dr. Neerja Agarwal, owner of Emoneeds, took the initial session and did not, at any point of time, mention that she is too busy to accomodate future sessions. They took payment for 4 session package and Dr. Neerja took the first session after which she started telling that some other doc will take sessions going forward. Upon repeated insistence, she took the 2nd session but again started telling the other doc will take next session. 3rd session was with the other doc who was totally amateur and inexperienced. Now the 4th session also they say that Dr. Neerja is very busy.Emoneeds, you should tell honestly at the beginning if the doc is available or not. Don’t take mental health as a joking topic that you can keep changing docs as per your calendar. You, as psychologists, should atleast understand this.Utterly disappointed by this casual attitude.
seema rawatseema rawat
04:46 28 May 24
I have been receiving mental health services from Emoneeds for the past three months, and I can undoubtedly say it is one of the best mental wellness centers in Gurgaon. The psychiatrists and therapists are very professional, yet warm and caring. I highly recommend Emoneeds to anyone considering seeking help for their mental health.
Har Amrit SinghHar Amrit Singh
09:55 23 May 24
I am using services of Emoneeds for the past one year I am very satisfied. People here are very considerate, caring, and they know there job. Every time I went to them my problem was resolved. PeopleAt Emoneeds deals with humanity and patience. Emoneed is doing great service to the society. At Emoneeds mental health patients are in safe hands.
little world compriselittle world comprise
17:34 20 May 24
Really appreciate the quality work and therapeutic skills of the therapist vineeta motiani. Helped me in my life journey.
16:30 20 May 24
I was having some relationship issues,I came to know about EMONEEDS through one of my friends.I took therapy from Mrs. Vineeta Motiani,a seasoned Clinical Psychologist.After taking 8 sessions from her my relationship issues got resolved.I must say she is a thorough professional having solid work ethics and great acumen when it comes to the complexities and intricacies of relationships.I highly recommend Emoneeds to anyone going through mental health issue/s.
Ritu CHoubeyRitu CHoubey
18:19 14 May 24
This is just a note to express my thanks. I am extremely satisfied by the professionalism and approach used by Amit Sir. The therapist has been incredibly caring not just for advice but also for listening to everything I’ve discussed with him. I want to say that the sessions have really helped me understand how to deal with my Anixtey on a daily basis. I can’t thank you (Amit Sir) enough for all your help during a difficult time. You have been absolutely fantastic & a true Star ⭐ You are truly wonderful therapist. Thank you so much.
Roli SRoli S
09:04 14 May 24
Dr. Kanishka listened and understood my OCD issues not only as a doctor but also guided me as a counselor. Best thing about her is she does not burden me with medications rather focuses equally on psychological aspects unlike few doctors.
Adhyaay TharwalAdhyaay Tharwal
07:29 14 May 24
Chetan SinghChetan Singh
10:00 03 May 24
It was a great experience…Emoneeds is the best for mental health care…all the doctors and staff are really friendly whether it was shweta mam Or zaid sir… But i would like to give a special thanks to Parul mam for guiding me through the process and helping me in my recovery.. For sound mental health go to emoneeds..
Tanvi GuptaTanvi Gupta
07:08 02 May 24
Very well organised and therapists are very thorough.
Tahir DarTahir Dar
05:37 02 May 24
Anupriya MohanAnupriya Mohan
14:26 27 Apr 24
I’ve recently been seeking guidance from Emoneeds, and my experience has been really great. The team is very understanding and kind, creating a supportive environment that has been immensely helpful in my journey towards overcoming depressive phase. Dr. Manisha, my therapist, is really sweet, which instantly puts me at ease and allows me to open up freely. As therapy is a journey, I eagerly anticipate continuing with Emoneeds as part of my healing process.
12:23 27 Apr 24
10:27 26 Apr 24
I have been using the services of Emoneeds to deal with certain issues I was facing for the last 3 months. The results have been very good and I have seen tremendous progress. The team is very supportive and they provide excellent all round support and advice. I highly recommend their services.
Parmod ChoudharyParmod Choudhary
20:34 25 Apr 24
Saloni MathurSaloni Mathur
10:49 24 Apr 24
Smita MauryaSmita Maurya
07:20 24 Apr 24
This is the best clinic i have ever visited the doctors and therapist are so helpful and cooperative. Would like to consult from this clinic.
08:03 16 Apr 24
Been with emoneeds for my very close friend who was suffering from severe depression in 2023. The team is brilliant. They provided the right course of treatment and care.One of the junior psychologist, Prachi, in the team was assigned to us as a point of frequent contact. She was extremely professional and she ensured my friend felt like there was a person to always fall back on.Kudos to her and the team.
11:50 15 Apr 24
All the doctors are very supportive and helpful… They go to the rootcause of problem and provide many remidies to coup up with the problem…
03:22 15 Apr 24
I appreciate that Emoneeds offers flexible appointment times and even virtual therapy options
03:02 14 Apr 24
Emoneeds has been a lifeline for me, with incredibly supportive therapists
Sufiyan RazaSufiyan Raza
08:41 13 Apr 24
I was hesitant to seek help for my mental health, but Emoneeds made the process so comfortable and welcoming
Irfan AnsariIrfan Ansari
04:52 08 Apr 24
I’ve been using Emoneeds for a few months now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The interface is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and access the support I need. The therapists are professional and understanding, and I feel like I’m making significant progress with my mental health journey.
Viky YaduvanshiViky Yaduvanshi
12:47 20 Feb 24
Experience unparalleled personal growth with Emoneeds — a pioneering online mental health platform based in India. Offering holistic treatments aimed at preventing relapse and supporting overall emotional well-being, Emoneeds delivers outstanding value via structured programs designed specifically for different stages of mental health journeys.Highlights of using Emoneeds include:- Expert clinicians including MD Psychiatrists and trained Psychologists ensure high-quality care.- Customizable packages starting at affordable prices, such as ₹4,200 per month, granting swift access to essential resources.- Impressive success metrics boasting zero relapse cases requiring hospitalizations amongst treated patients.- Seamless integration of technology facilitating timely interventions and daily feedback mechanisms.I personally found immense relief knowing that every rupee contributed goes directly towards enhancing my cognitive remediation activities and building stronger relationships between myself and trusted advisors. Kudos to the passionate team working tirelessly to break down barriers impeding mental health awareness globally.If you find yourself facing similar struggles, give Emoneeds a try. Rest assured, investing in your mental health couldn’t come sooner nor prove wiser.
Dheeraj SoniDheeraj Soni
12:37 20 Feb 24
I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for discovering Emoneeds — a game changer in the arena of online mental health platforms. Having struggled silently with severe anxiety and panic attacks, I found myself hesitating before reaching out for help until I stumbled upon Emoneeds. Here’s why I wholeheartedly endorse them:- Customizable packages based on personal requirements ensure affordable yet thorough treatments covering everything from diagnostics to weekly caregiver sessions.- Expert clinicians led by co-founder Dr. Neerja Agarwal bring years of wisdom and training to every interaction, leaving nothing short of excellence.- Evidence-based practices ranging from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to mindfulness interventions guarantee holistic growth rather than mere symptom suppression.- Unparalleled emphasis on preventing relapse via frequent monitoring and early warning signs detection makes maintaining stability achievable.- Compassionately designed programs target negative core beliefs and foster healthy coping mechanisms essential for sustainable transformation.My story began with signing up for their basic package, followed by seamlessly transitioning onto higher tier options once realizing the value added by consistent interactions with specialists. Within months, I noticed improvements in sleep patterns, concentration abilities, relationships, and overall confidence. What sets apart Emoneeds from others is undoubtedly their unwavering attention to detail coupled with heartwarmingly humane connections established virtually amidst technological hurdles.To sum things up, investing in yourself pays off exponentially, especially considering the caliber of resources presented by Emoneeds. Whether battling mild worries or complex personality disorders, rest assured knowing that competent practitioners stand ready to guide you along paths of tranquility and fulfillment. Kudos to Team Emoneeds for pioneering innovative ways to break down walls impeding millions worldwide from embracing optimal mental health!
varsha yadavvarsha yadav
08:49 20 Feb 24
Discovering Emoneeds transformed my perspective on addressing mental health struggles. This innovative digital platform offers a secure haven for tackling personal obstacles without judgement.Driven by its mission to curb relapses and foster resilience, especially amongst chronically ill patients, Emoneeds excels in delivering holistic treatments backed by evidence.My own encounter with Emoneeds left indelible impressions:- Within days, I connected with experienced clinicians whose warmth radiated even via virtual mediums.- Customizable subscription options allowed flexibility based on budgetary constraints yet never compromised effectiveness.- Impressive statistics showcase high success rates, including rapid response times for initial consultation requests.- Most importantly, every member of the Emoneeds community exhibited unwavering devotion toward fostering growth and preventing setbacks.I wholeheartedly endorse Emoneeds — whether battling severe disorders requiring consistent monitoring or mild symptoms needing early intervention, there isn’t another place quite like it. Kudos to the passionate founders and tirelessly supportive practitioners making such profound impacts possible daily.
Nigam SoniNigam Soni
08:30 20 Feb 24
I had always struggled with finding the right balance between managing daily life stressors and maintaining optimal emotional wellbeing until I stumbled upon Emoneeds– an innovative online mental health platform designed specifically around individual growth and healing. Here’s what made my journey transformational through Emoneeds:- Seamless Onboarding Process: From sign-ups to initial assessments, everything flowed smoothly, giving me confidence in navigating such delicate subject matter digitally.- Expertise Matters: Each session left me feeling heard and understood, owing largely to highly qualified practitioners ranging from experienced psychotherapists to certified coaches specializing in different fields.- Flexibility Unleashed: Being able to schedule meetings according to my availability meant no missed opportunities even during busy weeks. This flexibility extended further with chat features available anytime throughout the week.- Privacy Assured: As expected, privacy concerns were addressed effectively, making every interaction secure yet comfortable enough to share openly.- User Experience Enhanced: Intuitive interface design coupled with clear communication channels ensured smooth navigation regardless of technical prowess.Overall, having tried other digital alternatives previously, nothing compares to the holistic approach taken by Emoneeds toward addressing both short term challenges alongside longer-term goals related to self-improvement. It truly feels rewarding knowing there exists a safe space where progress doesn’t come at the expense of comfort nor efficiency. Kudos to the entire team working tirelessly behind the scenes enabling meaningful change happenings globally!
Nikhil RaoNikhil Rao
06:39 19 Feb 24
“Emoneeds has been a game-changer for my mental health journey. The platform offers a wide range of resources, from therapy sessions to self-help tools, all easily accessible online. The therapists are compassionate and professional, providing personalized support tailored to my needs. The user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, and the flexibility of scheduling appointments is invaluable. I highly recommend Emoneeds to anyone seeking convenient and effective mental health support.”
Amit yaduvanshiAmit yaduvanshi
06:27 19 Feb 24
Emoneeds provides a thorough and intuitive online relapse prevention platform for all mental diseases. Its evidence-based tactics, individualized plans, and encouraging community enable individuals to successfully traverse their road toward mental wellness. The user experience on the site is made more positive and powerful by its varied resources and easy-to-use design. For those with a range of mental health issues, Emoneeds is a particularly useful tool for fostering mental health and preventing relapses.
Priyanshu VijaiPriyanshu Vijai
05:38 09 Feb 24
I have found Dr. Sakshi Tyagi to be a really helpful mentor in my path to mental health. Her knowledge, compassion, and steadfast support have really changed my life. She pays close attention, has a thorough understanding, and compassionately provides workable answers. She is an excellent choice for anybody looking for a qualified and kind psychologist.
Neha MadhanNeha Madhan
05:45 31 Jan 24
I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for Emoneeds exceptional care and support during my treatment. Emoneeds Doctors and Therapists expertise and empathy have truly made a positive impact on my well-being, and I’m incredibly thankful to Emoneeds and their Doctors. Thank you for everything
Bharat Singh NegiBharat Singh Negi
05:41 31 Jan 24
I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional care and support I received during my treatment at EMONEEDS. The compassion and professionalism demonstrated by the staff truly made a difference in my healing journey. From the attentive staff to the knowledgeable therapists, everyone played a vital role in creating a safe and nurturing environment. Thank you for your dedication to improving the lives of individuals struggling with mental health challenges.
Neha PropertiesNeha Properties
14:24 24 Nov 23
I appreciate commitment to my mental health and the positive impact they’ve had on my life. I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a skilled and compassionate psychologist.” Yes, I can promote the EMONEEDS.
somasekhar reddysomasekhar reddy
16:54 21 Oct 23
Big shoutout to Emoneeds! My mom’s been doing so much better with your support. Your team knows their stuff and the way you guys care…it’s something else. Really appreciate all you’ve done for us.
Chikki SukoonChikki Sukoon
15:21 21 Oct 23
Emoneeds, you guys are doing something special. Your approach to mental health, the custom plans, and the regular check-ins for my daughter, it’s been a support like no other. Keep doing what you’re doing!
somasekhar reddysomasekhar reddy
15:00 21 Oct 23
Emoneeds has been a real lifesaver for me. Not just saying it, I mean it. Their process, the check-ins, and the super caring team have made a world of difference in my mental health journey. A+ service!
Venkat reddy KarraVenkat reddy Karra
15:09 02 Sep 23
Sohail AkhterSohail Akhter
06:37 12 Jun 23
Best place for mental health and peace.
maninder singh Kumarmaninder singh Kumar
12:44 10 Jun 23
I am enrolled in the Relapse Prevention program at Emoneeds and think the world of it. It has given a new purpose and maturity to my goals. To this day I think the counsellor who talks to me everyday is a blessed person. She take some care of the entire gamut of emotional needs, and did I forget that’s what Emoneeds stands for.
Anubhav pratap SinghAnubhav pratap Singh
05:33 23 May 23
Emoneeds therapists and counsellors provide better treatment for mental illnesses. I really feel better after taking treatment from here. My therapists Paridhi Talwar and Swati Yadav, are very cooperative and understanding. I am on medication prescribed by Dr. Gorav Gupta.
Himanshi TyagiHimanshi Tyagi
11:51 05 May 23
The help is at par. Helping me not only to tackle emotionally but realizing self worth had been the key feature the organization had helped me with. Would truly recommend to come under their supervision as they treat you as a friend more than a patient.
Surbhi SinghSurbhi Singh
14:27 19 Apr 23
This is the best platform I came across. It’s been 1 month, I’m having sessions. I’m feeling quite better than my first day. Manisha ma’am is my counsellor she use to call me on daily basis asking about my days and problems. Vinita ma’am is my Therapist she always listens and guides me with the best solutions. I don’t think anyone can get better service than this!! Every penny invested here is worth it. Seriously if anyone is having mental issues and feels uncomfortable to go somewhere or have financial issues, then this is the best platform for you.

We offer a genuine, unique approach

Structured plans involving not only you, but also your loved ones, for a quicker recovery.

Lesser anxiety, better productivity

We handhold you at each step, enabling us to make systemic modifications, thus managing all anxieties and concerns.

No More Relapses

Specific guidance from seasoned experts, ensuring a smooth relapse free journey.
Our Treatments

We cater to the following conditions


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder which makes people lose the ability to interpret reality in a normal way. It is a disorder that affects a person's ability to think, feel and behave normally.


Depression is a mental health problem that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities. It affects how you think, feel and behave, and can cause emotional, functional and physical problems.

Bipolar Disorder

It is a mental disorder associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) features repetitive behaviors (compulsions) arising due to a pattern of unwanted thoughts and fears (obsessions).

Anxiety & Stress Disorder

Anxiety is a physiological reaction to stress and pressure. It can feel like agitated worry about your current circumstance or a potential future predicament.

Adolescent Related Issues

Provide your adolescent with the best treatment for their mental health development issues. Consult our expert psychiatrists and experienced adolescent psychologists

Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Disorder, commonly known as Drug addiction, is a disease that affects a person’s brain and behavior and leads to an inability to control

Family Therapy

Family therapy can be designed as any psychotherapeutic endeavor that explicitly focuses on altering the interactions between or among family members and seeks to improve the functioning of the family as a unit.

Press Coverage

Interview with Dr Neerja Agarwal Co-founder of Emoneeds

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, where physical well-being often takes precedence, the significance of mental health and emotional wellness is gaining well-deserved recognition. Dr. Neerja Agarwal, a trailblazer in the field, stands as the Co-founder of Emoneeds, a groundbreaking startup dedicated to revolutionizing mental health and emotional well-being.

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Our Plans

Basic Plan

₹7700 ₹4200 / month

  • Psychodiagnostic Evaluation
  • Psychological Supervision
  • 2 Psychologist Consultations
  • 1 Psychiatrist Consultations

Basic + Consultation

₹10400 ₹7000 / month

  • Psychodiagnostic Evaluation
  • Psychological Supervision
  • 4 Psychologist Consultations
  • 2 Psychiatrist Consultations
  • Weekly Caregiver Session


₹13400 ₹10000 / month

  • Psychodiagnostic Evaluation
  • Psychological Supervision
  • 4 Psychologist Consultations
  • 2 Psychiatrist Consultations
  • Daily Activities
  • Weekly Caregiver Session

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