Role of family in Bipolar Disorder

It is very hard for the families to handle someone with bipolar in a family. Family can manage it by following some rules. Family should always act normal in front of a bipolar patient because bipolar disorder patients always try to give shape to their imagination world or thoughts and when the family starts giving response differently or the patient sees some change in family members behavior then they start to think that they are doing something and it changes everything around them. When the family reacts ok and totally normal then there are less chances for an episode to occur. Family has a very important role in patient treatment, they should try to spend time with them (But not too much) and talk and listen to them as they really need family members to support and understand them. Families can make sure that when the patient is busy in his imaginations or thoughts, they should try to distract the patient’s focus from there to somewhere else, like, playing games, stories or other activities. Patients with bipolar are very sensitive to minor criticisms. Here, the family should be polite with them, be supportive, listening instead of criticizing, commanding, not listening or avoiding them. The patient needs his family in both the episodes of bipolar disorder. It is also important to psychoeducate the parents regarding the illness, treatment process and what are the family expectations in the treatment process. Families should also keep a check on their medicines and should be in touch with the therapist. In short, the family should listen to them, be empathetic, encourage them and spend at least  one pleasurable activity together and avoid being over-involved and also overwhelmed. Families should encourage them to take small steps.

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