dealing with bipolar disorder

How should a person with Bipolar Disorder structure their day?

According to me, having a routine plays a very important role in Bipolar disorder treatment. Routine helps you keep focused and to be active all day. In structuring their routine, they can take help from their therapist as in my case the main focus was on Physical activity, adequate sleep, proper diet and attending daily day care or CRT classes along with a daily routine and mood monitoring chart under counselor’s supervision on a daily basis. They can also take some household responsibilities. There are some side effects of the medications, especially increased sleep/ drowsiness and weight gain. To reduce these side effects, if you have a planned routine then it minimizes the side effects. Bipolar disorder patients should structure their day first by waking up early on time and start his day with some activities like yoga and exercise, then reading newspaper, breakfast and then going out for their work and if not working then they can go with their family member’s office (like shop, factory), if not this then they can attend online day care or CRT classes online on Emoneeds which is a online mental health platform. Adding your hobbies in your routine so that your routine doesn’t get monotonous is also helpful.

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