Now that you have some information and explanation as to why you experience inconsistent moods often, here’s what you can do to become more aware of yourself. Take a few minutes to write down what you experience when you are feeling well, that is neither too high (happy) nor too low (sad).

Then think–

  1. How you feel (your feelings, e.g. happy, sad, angry, hurt etc.)
  2. What you think (your thoughts, e.g. “I have special powers”, “I am better than them.”)
  3. What you do or do not do (your actions, behaviour, activities, e.g. lying down, sleeping too much or too little, forgetting to eat your meals etc.)

when you are feeling continually too sad or too happy, and write these down.

 Recognising these “Early Warning Signs” can help you predict an upcoming phase early on and manage accordingly.

By Gaurangi Gupta

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