Do you often find yourself to be called “easy to anger” or “touchy” or  “easily irritated”? Do you often undergo periods of extreme happiness and everything in life suddenly seems to be falling in place, followed by periods of extremely low energy and extremely low mood? Do you often struggle to find a balance between the two? And do you often find it difficult to be consistent in most aspects of your day-to-day life? Are you more talented than others, or have unique gifts?


If you found yourself relating to some of the statements above, you might find it beneficial to read about Mood Disorders. A type of mood disorder that might explain certain kinds of behavioral patterns is– Bipolar Disorder (also known as Manic Depression), and is the name given to the experience of abnormal moods or exaggerated mood swings. There are two phases of this- the experience of extremely “high” moods where one becomes extremely euphoric or elated v/s the experience of extremely “low” moods where one becomes extremely sad and finds it difficult to experience pleasure. The high moods are called manic episodes and the low moods are called depressive episodes.

By Gaurangi Gupta

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