Why is Sleep Hygiene Important?


Sleep hygiene is something very important in everybody’s life as sleep decides our day and has control over many things like our mood, health, concentration, etc. There is a myth that it doesn’t matter when you sleep as long as you sleep enough hours, but it is better to sleep at night as it helps our brain function properly and maintain the circadian rhythm than sleeping during day time. We should avoid sleeping during the day. Other than this, sleep hygiene also includes using your bed only for sleeping and not for other things like studying, eating, playing, watching TV as it will help condition our brain  to see bed as the place only for sleeping. The bedroom should be comfortable and noise free. Also keeping in mind not to take energy drinks, caffeine products , Alcohol or smoking in the evening and night time (after 6 pm)  they cause difficulty falling asleep or may lead to shallow sleep. Having a set or fixed sleep time has many benefits in terms of health, mood, relationships, concentration, etc. Many people follow their sleep rituals like, before sleeping, they do prayer, warm water bath, reading light books, moisturizing their body, etc. as these habits help your brain condition to sleep.

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