Schizophrenia: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

Schizophrenia Treatment

What is Schizophrenia?

It’s a serious mental illness that can be disabling without care. Symptoms usually start between ages 16 and 30. Early symptoms may present weeks, months or even years before the first incident of full psychosis. It tends to begin earlier in men than in women. Schizophrenia rarely starts during childhood or after age 45. People with the condition may experience various things. Some signs, such as lack of enjoyment in everyday life, not feeling like doing anything or taking any initiative and withdrawal from social activities, may mimic depression. People with schizophrenia may have trouble organizing their thoughts or making logical connections. They may feel like their mind is jumping from one unrelated thought to another. Sometimes they have a feeling that thoughts are removed from their head, or "thought blocking," when someone's flow of thinking suddenly gets interrupted. Even when symptoms have subsided, schizophrenia requires lifelong treatment. Medications along with psychosocial therapy can help manage this condition. Hospitalisation maybe needed in some cases.

Is recovery possible?

Reason For Relapse

People with schizophrenia sometimes quit their medications because of side effects or not understanding their illness. Many times, individual experiences chronic anxiety due to uncertainties, day-to-day stressors of life and familial expectations. This raises the risk of serious symptoms returning, which can lead to a psychotic episode (in which someone loses touch with reality).


A thorough evaluation is required for diagnosing Schizophrenia disorder and often includes an assessment by a Psychiatrist and a clinical Psychologist. Treatment consists of mainly Medications and Psycho-social management.

Why Emoneeds?

Because we support you in your journey to reduce your relapse and help you with lasting recovery by following provisions:

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