About us

Emoneeds is here to cater to your mental and emotional health needs. We aim to maximise your performance, happiness and quality of life. If you or your child are not being able to live life to the fullest with joyful satisfaction due to any of the following – overthinking/worrying through the day/night, difficulty in focusing and completing important tasks, having fears/phobias or past traumatic experiences, hyperactive/fidgety, feeling depressed or irritable, having mood swings, difficulty with sleeping, eating or energy level, poor self esteem or body image, relationship issues or to simply finding deeper meaning/purpose to life, we at Emoneeds will work with you to provide you with the right kind of environment, support and guidance so that you can progress towards achieving your true potential.

Our team of expert psychiatrists and clinical psychologists work collaboratively with children, teens, adults and families by providing holistic, evidence based and scientifically approved compassionate care through a combination of medication management and customised psychotherapies. All of this is designed to help patients/families overcome their difficulties so that they can achieve their goals and lead productive and happy lives. Major illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, dementia, personality disorders, alcohol and drug addiction, etc, are also treated with the latest scientifically approved methods

Reach out to us at Emoneeds to receive the finest and most advanced emotional and mental health care with maximal support, take this first step and quit struggling alone at school, work, home or social situations. We will help you make the required positive transformations – enhancing your awareness, overall health and performance while improving your relationships both at home and at work – so that you can experience the joy of becoming your best self. 

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