Recovery Narratives

The patient, who is now a government teacher, came to Emoneeds complaining of anger issues, repetitive and intrusive thoughts, overthinking, frequent hand washing, excess irritation, disturbed sleep, low appetite, low concentration, suicidal ideas, low mood and difficulty in maintaining relationships. Due to a long history of OCD, the patient had lost her hope and will to live. She was also not able to maintain her teacher’s responsibility and daily functioning.

When she came to our facility, we took the whole case history after rapport establishment & then a psychometric assessment was administered and findings were explained to the patient after that ventilation happened for 3-4 sessions then psycho-education about illness and Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy applied. We also provide guidance for understanding her obsessive negative thought pattern and the nature of illness and emotional healing for past childhood traumas.

Now, after the required months of therapy and being patient with the process, the patient is doing well.

She is doing well in her school and her tolerance capacity for managing anxiety increased and pt. Also released her past childhood trauma during sessions and maintaining well her daily life functioning. Now she has good management of her own emotions and even tries to doing well in her marriage life. She is regaining her family’s trust again.

A patient who was raised in a dysfunctional family in which both parents fought frequently, started feeling neglected as a child and became confused about his gender identity, is he interested in a girl or boy and what is his/her biological gender, always seeks others’ validation, burst with anger, have low self-esteem and confidence, excess irritation, low mood, low social interaction, impulsivity and have difficulty maintaining any healthy relationship. There was difficulty managing his emotions, and relations with his mother, sister and father. When he came to Emoneeds, he was so confused and concerned with his personal information that’s why he was so guarded and difficult to establish rapport, but after 3-4 sessions he became comfortable and a healthy rapport was established, and we moved towards working on his complaints. After rapport was established assessment was done and ventilation sessions were provided with CBT and anxiety management techniques we also practiced supportive therapy and inner child healing with him so that his inner child, who felt neglected and hurt, could heal properly as well as psycho-educated him on the complexity of his disorder to develop insight.

After the required months of therapy and maintenance, his gender-related confusion ended and he became happy and got an insight into his gender identity. He can manage the pressure that his career and work demands from him. He can now manage her mood swings and her depressive episodes well through the coping mechanisms he learned and going to marriage which were major stress factors for him.

The patient in Emoneeds who is an engineering student in CS branch came to us with complaints of low concentration and attention, low moods, excess irritation, aggression, hearing voices, disturbed sleep and digestion and stress. We used supportive sessions to provide a safe space for him to express himself and used CBT for his voice management. We took a motivation-based approach with him while working on his routine and relaxation for his anxiety and social skill training for maintaining a social life now he is managing his low moods and stress well after completing the required months of therapy,

and he is also taking her medication regularly. Doing well in his daily routine doing his job as a software engineer and maintaining positive relationships with them. He is now getting married in January, which he always thought he wouldn’t.