No more relapses

No more relapses

Relapse in simple words, is defined as worsening of mental symptoms. Relapses happen over the lifetime of any patient, sometimes going up even to 90%, as indicated by the studies. Mental illness in most cases, is a chronic and progressive disease with frequent relapse.
Relapse bring stress, trauma and anxiety, both for the person and the family, and in extreme cases may require a long term plan.

Relapse prevention is a proactive process. In absence of the same, about 47% of patients are bound to relapse within 12 months so with the help of treatment programs, like the combination of individual therapy, group therapy, educational classes and experiential therapy can help you to live free life from any disorders or drugs.

We at Emoneeds, work like a continuous support partner, with an aim to minimize relapse through:

This not only increases productivity, but also helps in enhancing overall coordination and cooperation with loved ones.

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